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Sprague Attendance Policies

Check Out Procedure

Students must check out through the Main Office before leaving school.

There are three ways that parents/guardians can check out their student during the school day:

  1. Students can bring a note signed by a parent/guardian. Students should bring their note (with the date and requested check out time) to the Attendance window in the Main Office at the beginning of school to fill out a Check Out Form.  Students will be released at the requested time after checking out in the office.
  2. Parents/Guardians can call the school to request a check out.
  3. Parents/Guardians can come to the school to check out their student in person.

*Please note that it can take up to 20 minutes to pull a student from class, so plan for this additional time accordingly.   

If your student returns to school after being checked out, they must check back into the Attendance window in the Main Office so that their absence can be adjusted accordingly.

If a student is ill and needs to go home, they are asked to go to the Student Center in the office to contact a parent/guardian.  The Student Center will check out ill students after connecting directly with a parent/guardian.

Please remind your student that they are not to leave campus at any time during the school day without a parent/guardian notifying the school in advance with a note or by coming to the Attendance office in the Main Office in person to check out the student.  Students will be marked as unexcused in all other instances.

To excuse an absence or tardy

Parents/guardians must submit an acceptable written request to the Attendance Office, or verbal request through the Attendance Message Line (503-399-5520) to excuse the student’s absence.

When calling the attendance line, please speak clearly and be ready with the following information:

  • Your student’s name (spelling the name is helpful)
  • Student ID number
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Length of absence (i.e., all day or partial day absence – please list specific periods missed if partial day).

Excused Absence Reasons

Per District policy, in order for an absence to be excused it must fall under one of the following reasons:

  • Illness of the student
  • Serious illness in the family
  • Religious instruction (with limitations per ORS 339.420)
  • Inclement Weather
  • Doctor, dentist, and legal or court appointments that require student attendance.
  • Emergency, pre-excused, or extenuating circumstances
  • For students that are dependents of an Armed Forces Member of the United States on active duty (up to 7 days can be excused related to their service)

Not Excused Absence Reasons

The following are examples of reasons that will not be excused:

  • oversleeping
  • car problems
  • missing the bus
  • coming back late from lunch

Extended Absences

If your student will be absent for an extended period, please come to the Attendance office to pick up a Pre-Arranged Absence Form.

18+ Release Form

Download the application for attendance clearance by student form. Return filled out PDF to Sprague office.

CTEC Absence/Tardy

You must contact Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) directly at 503-399-5511 for an absence or tardy occurring on a day your student is at CTEC.