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2022-2023 Yearbooks

Last Year's 2022-2023 Yearbooks are $65.00.
Available while supplies last.

Pricing for 2023-2024 Yearbooks:

2024 Yearbooks can ONLY be purchased through the Walsworth Yearbooks website and will be delivered in the Fall of 2024 to your home.  The yearbook cost has been reduced to cover shipping costs. If you do not ship the book to your home, it will NOT have a place to go; We are NOT accepting books at the school.

  • Until January 1st = $50.00 
  • After January 1st = $60.00
  • After March 1st = $65.00
  • If purchased after June 15, 2024, books are first come first serve.
  • Signing supplements will arrive in Late May of 2024 for seniors and underclassmen to collect their memories and notes from friends and teachers.
  • The supplements have adhesive to stick to the final page of the yearbook when delivered in the Fall.

Order 2023-2024 Yearbook

Submit Your Senior Photos

►Senior Portraits are due before midnight on March 4th. 

  • 2024 Yearbook senior portraits are due before midnight on Monday, March 4.
    • Portraits will NOT be accepted past March 4th, due to the publishing deadline. This includes early grads!
    • The yearbook staff has very STRICT, unalterable deadlines that are set by the publishing company. Once pages are published, we CANNOT CHANGE them.
    • ​NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 11:59PM ON MONDAY MARCH 4, 2023. ***This includes early grads!***
  • Senior Photo Requirements
    • All photos should be tall orientation, HEAD and SHOULDERS, and in COLOR.
    • Only the student should be visible in the foreground and forward facing. No other people, animals/pets, sunglasses, masks or costumes are allowed in the picture.
    • Submit photos in JPEG format, no smaller than 3x5 inches, and at least 300ppi. Images copied from the internet will not have sufficient resolution.
    • We reserve the right to reject photos that fail to meet the criteria or appear inappropriate. We will use your EMAIL to make an effort to contact you for a replacement.
  • SPECIAL NOTE TO SENIORS: To any Senior who took a photo ID at school, we will use that image if no other portrait is submitted by the deadline.
    • *If there is no photo ID image and no other portrait is submitted by the deadline, the student will not be pictured in the yearbook.*

Yearbook Advisor

Connie Toland Email Yearbook Advisor

Book with photos of little boy

How to Submit your Senior Portrait:

  1. Click this link: Submit Your Portrait.
  2. Enter the access code Olympians.
  3. Click one of the UPLOAD PHOTO buttons to find and upload ONE portrait from your computer or device (ONLY ONE!)
  4. Once the photo is uploaded, choose PORTRAITS in the Category menu and check the box for "This photo is a portrait".
  5. Fill in your NAME and select 12th GRADE in the pull-down menu. Early Grads Select 12th Grade!
  6. Fill in your name again along with your SCHOOL EMAIL.
  7. Check the box to "certify".

Submit your Senior Quotes: Senior Quotes

Baby Ads

SENIOR BABY ADS are due no later than Saturday, April 27, 2024. There will be ZERO extensions on this deadline due to the final publishing date. 

Click this link and follow the directions to submit an ad: Submit Baby Ads

Please be sure to have these handy when you're ready to build your as:

  1. Full name of the student.
  2. Grade - 12th.
  3. Parent's email address.
  4. Photo(s), in .jpg format.
  5. A message from the family.
  6. Payment at checkout.

Do not copy images from the internet or social media because they will be too small to upload and will not have sufficient resolution for printing.

The Baby Ad sizes and prices are:

  • 1/8 PAGE – $30 – 4x2.5 inches – 1-2 photos plus a very short message
  • 1/4 PAGE – $60 – 4x5.25 inches – up to 4 photos plus a short message
  • 1/2 PAGE – $90 – 8x5.25 inches – up to 6 photos plus your message
  • FULL PAGE – $150 – 8x11 inches – up to 8 photos plus your message

Payments are made through the publisher's website, Walsworth. There is a 3% service fee at checkout added to the total cost of the ad.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that fail to meet the criteria or appear inappropriate, but we will make every effort to contact you for a replacement.