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Clubs & Organizations

Why School Programs and Clubs are Important for Students:

Develop new interests and acquire new skills

Discover others with similar interests
Engage in meaningful activities outside of the classroom
Appeals to colleges and looks good on resumes

Make new friends and build strong, lasting relationships

Develop leadership skills 

Student Clubs

After-school clubs build resumes for colleges, allow for socialization and is a safe way to get our students interested in other activities. 

Join Some Clubs This Year!

Email the advisor at or stop by their room to ask for more information!

Advanced Math Club 6 Sheri Burleson
AP Government Study Group 133 Anna Ward
Automotive Club 15b Doug Livermore
AVID 18 Gretchen Wunderlich
Band Club 175 Jen Vowles
Baseball Club Aux Gym Luke Buchheit
Battle of the Books Library Allie Lathrop
Board Games Club 117 &118 Lisa Keating-Thomas
Book Club 127 Chara Donahue
CAD Club & Clash Royale Club 52 Nick Snyder
Chess Club 165 Darrin Schmidt
Choir Council Club 189 Dr. Brown
College & Career Readiness Club 130 Ayla Caesar
Comic-Superhero Club 115 Jen Simmons
Con Law Competition Club 101 Mike Curry
Crafts N' Creations Library Lisa Hardey
Cribbage Club 13 Emily Axelson
Crochet and Knitting 156 Kacee Fujinami
Cultural Alliance Club / MechA/Latino Club 235 Diana Alvarez Ramirez
DECA 232 Jeff Kurtz
Disney Movie Club 134 Kailey Keene
Engineering Club 153 Jon Geiger
ESports 136 Shaun Dohman
Club Room Teacher
Fantasy Football Club 212 Justin Trammell/BJ
French Club 231 Kati Burgess
Guitar/Music Club 116 Julie Harris
History Club 161 Sigrid Olsen
HOSA & Teens for Cancer Patients 56 Amy West and Jamie Ellis
Intramural Basketball Lower Gym Jordan Graneto
Investing Club 124 Ryan Cash
Junior Class Council 236 Chris Jones
Key Club 239 Casey Williams
Language Club 113 Kathleen McElliott
Leadership and ASB 181 Chris Trammell
Magic the Gathering Club 112 Angela Eddy
Music Production Club 150 Jeremy Wanak
National Honor Society 149 Robin Wilson
Orchestra Club 171 Lisa Rael
Oregon Thespians 162 Heath Koerschgen
Philosophy Club 102 Phil Nickel
Prom Committee/ Freshmen Council 238 Ashlee Herrington
Quiet Reflection Space 233 David Beranek
Rainbow Club 155 Amanda Keel/Emily Kenney
Rugby Club 109 Rob Frasier
Science Self Care club 152 Heather Guzman
Silent Reading Club 119 Shannon Rozewski
Club Room Teacher
Sketchbook and Chill Club 9 Emily Maddy
Snowsports Club (Snowboarding/Skiing) 234 Jeremy Breddan
Soccer Club 14 Dwaine Richards
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica 237 Cheri Lentz
Soft Yoga Wrestling Room Lisa Bacus
Softball Club 11 Karen Peck
Song-Writing Club 168 Susan Lowery
Sports Medicine/Athletic Training 53 Kimo Mahi
Sprague Football Club 20 AJ Robinson
Star Wars 145 Ed Clarkson
Study Hall/Open Room 1 Tracy Phipps
Study Hall/Open Room 159 Henry Rogers
Study Hall/Open Room 3 Melinda Kleinman
Study Hall/Open Room 12 Mariah York
Study Hall/Open Room 8 Maddi Hughes
Supported Study Hall 103 Laura Nevel
The Oracle Library Lisa Hardey
Track and Field Club 123 Brent Charles
Travel Planning Club 114 Alisha Jordan
Trivia Club 122 David Hansen
Video Production Club 215 Christopher Nolan
Video/Computer Games 128 Alex Neaveill

Want to start a new club?

Once you have identified a teacher advisor, please click on the button below and fill out the Club Approval Form.

Go to the Club Approval Form