Student-Led Conferences

We are excited to practice student-led conferences at Sprague High School. Below is the script that students will follow during their conferences. Teachers will help guide this process as well.

Student Script: 

Part 1: Introduction

Thanks for coming to conferences with me! __(Parent/Guardian)__, this is my teacher for my ______________ class, __(Teacher’s name)_.

Part 2: Highlights

The thing that I am most proud of/excited about in this class is ______________ because ___________.

Part 3: Opportunities

To be a successful learner in this class, I need to ___________________________.

Word Bank:  attendance, attitude, engagement, focus, motivation, sense of belonging, challenge, growth

Part 4: Conclusion

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me? (Wait for response, then address questions, comments, and/or suggestions.)