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Welcome to the Sprague High School Orchestra page! 

We want to encourage string musicians to love music by feeling part of something bigger than themselves, and creating music together that is unique to their individual talents!

Camerata Group

Mission Statement

At Sprague High School Orchestra, you will be a part of a musical organization that has a long tradition of excellence, yet continues to reflect the musical trends of our society.

Our goals at Sprague Orchestra are:

  • To challenge students with rigorous class rehearsals of sight reading, scales, bowing technique, and playing varied literature of different historical and cultural reference.

  • To increase music awareness in the community by performing in large and small groups.

  • To inspire students to be individual leaders at school, and respected by this school community

  • To encourage students to be humbled and inspired by fellow peer musicians and cultivate a desire for excellence.

  • To teach students how to work as a team to produce music that is meaningful to the student and purely enjoyable to the audience!

  • To prepare students for a lifetime of musicianship


This will be done by challenging students in their learning experiences as they work to achieve their dreams, to be successful in college, career, and life!

Perhaps the most important activity and goal however of Sprague High School Orchestra is providing students with a positive and professional organization to which they can belong and take pride in. Hopefully, they will develop those long-term friendships and experiences that make high school such an exciting time and positive experience.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with your questions or concerns.  I have an open door policy.  Email is the best way to reach me as you will get a faster response.  

Thank you,

Lisa Rael (formerly Hanson)                                             

Orchestra Director  

Office and  Classroom:  Room 171

Best time to reach me is before school from 8 to 8:30!

 Class Schedule

1st Period - Orchestra mentor and office hours/prep

2nd Period - Camerata


3rd Period - String Ensemble

4th Period - Crossler Middle School (Elem. Orchestra)

5th Period - Orchestra mentor and office hours/prep

6th Period - ASO

7th Period - Sinfonietta

8th Period - Crossler Middle School (Elem. Orchestra)